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Collaborative Elements

Highly effective change support

Performance is the only key metric in business today.

As a leadership team you have to be relevant to your workforce, essential to your clients and effective for your shareholders.

We focus on all aspects of the growth agenda and touch all those areas of business that impact performance.

Sales, Bid Management, Marketing, Commercial Finance, Legal and Partnerships.

Building a sustainable cohesive winning mentality is not simple and in a competitive world you need all your people to develop the very best skills, leverage the best tools and techniques. 

The simplest way is to exploit the experience of others who can climb out of the weeds, provide a path forward that dramatically increases your certainty of a positive outcome.


We have been senior executives in some of the worlds most envied organisations. Our experiences as Chief Executive, Managing Director, Chief Revenue Officer, and Chief Commercial Officer have supported clients in the billions as well as mid-market and startups. 

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In 2022 business leaders are under constant threat and pressure.

Maintaining growth momentum,

Increasing margins

Improving win rations

Attracting the very best talent (and retaining them)

Expanding into new diverse markets and geographies

Shifting the revenue architecture to be more relevant and essential to clients looking for agile commercial models.

We bring clarity of insight to make the right judgment calls, having delivered measurable results for Tier 1 Technology Goliaths; Global Logistics Carriers; Startups in AgriTech (AI/ML), Data Analytics (Augmented Analytics); Cloud and Professional Services firms.

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Our Services

We focus on those critical areas of business performance:
Top and bottom line growth which covers pricing and commercial agility 
Objective and independant Competitive & Market Intelligence 
Expansion into new revenue streams
Rebalancing Revenue Architectures 
Improving the acumen of those responsible for Business Development & Commercial Performance.

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Insight-driven Expert Advice


Non-linear growth


A Systematic Approach

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Home: Services
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Market Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence


Avoid the waste associated with 'gut' or hope springs eternal decision-making.

For Vendors/Suppliers 

We believe your people deserve to work for a firm that obtains the very best returns for their efforts. Confidence in pricing is essential as is knowing how to best compete (beyond pricing). Expert bespoke research will analyse the space you wish to occupy, provide you with the confidence that your launch and investment will satisfy a valuable market need.

In-depth competitive Intelligence will drive your strategy, assist with your positioning and allow you to build battlecards and sales campaigns that are designed to compete to win. 

For Corporate & Enterprise Clients

How do you know your existing suppliers have the same focus and strategy as when they first engaged. Vendor Risk Management is supported by analysing those areas that are important to you and mapping them against your current vendor set, highlighting any early signs of deviation and therefore risk. 

Our bespoke research will highlight everything you need to know about the health of your vendors and in parrallel provide your vendor management and procurement teams with everything they need to mitigate risks, engage with vendors to reset focus so that your business is protected.

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